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Is Online Rotary Club Right for Me?

A Rotary club that meets online and gives the opportunity to meet when it is convenient for you is an exciting new way to belong to a Rotary club. We want to help determine whether meeting online is right for you. We have designed this short assessment to help you decide. The more honest you are with your responses, the better you will understand if an online Rotary club is right for you and what is expected of an online member.

Applicant Certification:

  • I understand that it will be my duty, if elected, to exemplify the Object of Rotary in my daily contacts and activities, and to abide by the constitution and by-laws of the club.
  • I understand that part of my membership dues will provide me with an annual subscription to The Rotarian magazine or an approved and prescribed regional magazine as may be applicable.
  • I agree to pay annual dues in accordance with the by-laws of the club.  Currently, the annual dues are approximately $250 US.
  • I hereby give permission to the club to publish my name to its members. I confirm my commitment to meet Rotary’s attendance requirement of at least 50% of weekly meetings each month.
  • I agree to help raise money towards whatever club goal is set for the current year for our Rotary club’s charitable contributions.
  • I accept my responsibility to be an active club member by serving on club committee(s).
  • I understand the opportunities to make financial contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.