How to Make-Up a Meeting Online

Thank you for choosing Rotary Pathways Rotary eClub to make-up a meeting! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Explore

    Simply select one of the video choices provided on our website. Check out our programs below.

  2. Submit

    Fill out the make-up submission form.

  3. Complete!

    You will receive an email confirmation within seconds which you can forward to your Club Secretary.

    Making-up online is completely free, but we ask that you please consider the cost of lunch normally paid to make-up at a traditional Rotary club. Your generous donation will support our projects and ability to provide make-up meetings.

Make-Up Form

You and Ohio Pathways Rotary eClub will be notified when this form is complete. We will send a copy to your email address that you provide. Please forward that to your Rotary Secretary for credit.

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